About Us

What is AASY?

AASY ENTERPRISES is the Foundation of the Future!

    The future is built on the past. And that past is Carl Campbell aka Sambas.

AASY Enterprises is a multimedia company who aims to deliver authentic and quality representation of the urban culture in the music, novels or visuals. 

We represent family and unity. We are about encouraging people to pursue their dreams and not to be paralyzed by the fears of failure or public approval.

We were established as a mean to develop our own generational wealth and to provide authentic representation of the black community.

Pelle's Story

In 2004, Screwface Pelle was sentenced to 288 months in Federal Prison. He left behind a wife, a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.

“I felt like life was over for me at that point."

On his leisure time, he peaked an interest for writing and learned how to structure and format a manuscript. A year later, 'The Factor' was born.

"I wrote three other books that year but 'The Factor' is one of my favorite book because it reflects the lessons I was learning during my incarceration."


“One of the worse situation in my life produced the best thing to happen to

me! “

Now that he’s free, Screwface Pelle is pursuing all the dreams and goals he thought about while being incarcerated. He wishes to inspire many others who may have a similar past. He wants everyone to know that there's nothing imposing you from perusing your dream but the limitation you hold on yourself.

If you'd like to check out 'The Factor' now. Click Here